Google Doodle Tribute for Argentina’s Jorge Luis Borges

Our regular readers at OSM will know how much we enjoy bringing you news about Google Doodle’s, Google’s innovative variations on the Google logo which usually celebrate or commemorate a person or occasion. Recent examples have included celebrations for Alexander Calder and Pierre de Fermat. Today is one of those days when the Google homepage shows a special Google Doodle, this time a tribute to Argentina’s Jorge Luis Borges on what would have been his 112th birthday.

Jorge Luis Borges is a renowned Argentinian writer and the Google Doodle cleverly weaves the surrealism and mystique that the author is known for, into the Doodle. It depicts an elderly man with a stick standing in a library and looking out of a window onto a mystical scene with a maze of stairways and paths. Clicking on the Google Doodle will show search results for Jorge Luis Borges.

Jorge Luis Borges was born on August 24, 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and was home-schooled before being taught in a school in Geneva, Switzerland. Surrealist literary journals in Buenos Aires started to publish his writings when he returned to Argentina in 1921. Many of his short stories shared themes such as labyrinths, dreams and libraries and a huge library was the subject of one of his most known books, “The Library of Babel.”

An article on The Telegraph tells how Borges is “credited with pioneering the science fiction genre” and how he was also known for poetry. Some of his works were transformed into movies, one of them was “Death and the Compass” in 1996. Sadly he never won the Nobel Prize for Literature despite calls from his many supporters and Borges eventually died in Geneva on June 14, 1986, aged 86.

We’d like to hear what you think about today’s Google Doodle. Let us have your comments about the intriguing design or your thoughts about the work and life of Jorge Luis Borges.