Facebook Prepares For Huge Privacy Overhaul: Permission To Tag

One of the biggest criticisms of Facebook is the way it deals with privacy. You will be pleased to know that the site is on the verge now of a dramatic overhaul which will see a number of changes to the site, helping those who are exposed by the current settings. The update is expected to be rolled out tomorrow, with the most notable change to the site being the request to be tagged in photos.

The issues addressed with this update are mainly about who you are sharing with and what they can see. Status updates, photos, and check ins can normally all be viewed by your friends, but new changes will affect who can see what. From now on privacy settings will be more prominent, embedded on your profile rather than hidden away on its own page via the main menu.

According to Mashable, Facebook has also brought forward the “view profile as” feature directly to your page. It allows you to see your profile as a friend would, giving you the opportunity to change things you would not want them to see. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot just tag someone in a picture anymore. A request will be sent to them and if they accept then the image will be tagged. Some have complained that this feature is meaningless as users can already remove their tag from a picture if they do not want to be in it. Thankfully this feature is optional.

The other big updates make changes to the way you share your content. Modifications have been made to the publisher bar which now control locations, tags and who can see your status updates. Facebook Places has now been integrated directly into the publisher bar, with the restriction on tagging from places near your GPS location being removed. This has changed the mobile app icon of Facebook Places for iOS and Android. It has been replaced by a “nearby” icon.

Facebook has in some unfortunate cases become a means of cyber-bullying and this update really helps victims. A common case of abuse is tagging people in hurtful pictures for people to comment on. The victim now has 3 options, they can remove the tag, request the owner deletes the image, or completely block the person. These new changes should help prevent misuse of the site.

We earlier told you how Facebook had integrated with Ticketmaster so you can see where your friends are sitting at events; this service will also adopt secure privacy features. A selection of other tweaks are being made by Facebook and they can all be discovered by paying a visit to Mashable. We would be interested to hear your thoughts on the overhaul of Facebook’s privacy settings, do you think they will have a positive impact on the site? Let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment in our section below.