Twitter Roll Out Image Gallery Update: Photo Fest

Twitter is currently rolling out an update to the site which lets you view photos uploaded to the site easier. From now on there will be a viewing gallery which shows you all images uploaded from third party tools such as TwitPic, Instagram or yFrog. This new feature will now appear on any profile you view providing photos have been uploaded, sitting beneath the about section.

Many of you should have the update by now, if not then it should be with you very soon. The 100 most recent images that were uploaded to the site or shared on someone’s profile will be available for viewing in the gallery. They will appear in a similar way to that of Facebook, available as a grid of thumbnails from newest to oldest with a view all option also included. You can enlarge the images and look at them one at a time as you would expect.

The uploaded images in the viewing gallery will date back to January 1st 2010, according to Mashable. This latest update is a part of Twitter’s plans to expand the site’s features, photos now adding to the initial concept of the 140 character tweet. With more social tools being added to the site it will increase appeal and a number in users. Twitter also has the ability to add images to your tweets, further highlighting how the site is promoting them.

You can see how the image gallery looks from both profile and view all, via shots of Rihanna’s Twitter account. This update as you have just seen allow the Twitter community a better insight into the lives of their celebrity idols. It better connects people, rather than just tweeting to each other, also enhancing the attractiveness of a profile. For now the update will be images only, a Twitter official confirmed. Tell us your thoughts on this new image feature by leaving a comment below.