Social Media Marketing Bounce Campaign: Embedded Polls

One of our favorite topics here at OSM is social media marketing and the campaigns emanating from it and just one of our recent posts was an interesting infographic showing social media marketing in figures. Today we have news for you of a new Bounce campaign using social media, which will use embedded polls on Facebook.

The giant fabric softener brand’s latest campaign, dubbed “Bounce it Off Millions,” started yesterday and the aim is to get Facebook fans of the brand to share life decisions with other Bounce fans and submit questions. Todd Wasserman over on Mashable tells how the questions asked as yet haven’t been exactly life-changing and include such topics as what to have for lunch and where to go on vacation but we’re sure that as the campaign catches on we’ll see some rather more attention-grabbing questions.

A Facebook ad will eventually use the four top polls allowing other Facebook users to have their say and according to a Bounce rep, this will be the first time that embedded polls have been used in a Facebook ad. Use the link here for the Facebook Bounce It Off Millions campaign where over 224,000 users currently will be able to weigh in. You’ll see the blurb reads, “Got a big decision to make? Ask your question and get Bounce fans to help you choose the best answer. We’ll feature a few of the most thought-provoking, brain bending questions in one of our Facebook ads,” which seems pretty straightforward so why not have a go!

This initiative began yesterday and runs to September 19 for those in the US and Canada and there are four prizes to be won with an approximate retail value of US $200. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this new social media marketing campaign from Bounce so why not let us have your comments.