Sausage Fest – New Epic Meal Time YouTube Hit

At OSM we love to cover the latest and greatest in terms of viral videos, a lot of the time they are posted by the same people such as the guys behind the Epic Meal Time clips. They have a new YouTube hit titled “Sausage Fest” and we thought it was only fair we told you about this one too.

Some of the previous clips that we have reported on that they have added include the “Meat Shield” which featured FPS Russia, “The Ostrich Nest” and of course “Pigs n Poultry.” This latest one sees the gang trying to make their own sausages but of course they aren’t just any sausages, they are Epic Meal Time sausages…

This episode sees the guys with some brand new equipment, a meat grinder and it’s not just meat going into it. They literally stuff all sorts of things in, including Pizza, Big Macs, Wieners and of course, that magic ingredient… Bacon! This clip has everything, lots of food, Jack Daniel’s, women and it looks like FPSRussia might have left them a little present from the last time he was on there, a machete. Maybe he just thought they could do with a bit of extra help chopping things up.

The clip finishes up with a completely different way of eating epic food, one of the most flexible women I have ever seen! She holds a sausage with her foot and puts it up to one of the guys to take a bite, and then she pulls her leg back around her head and has a bite herself… Amazing! As always, head to the bottom of the article to watch the video.

What did you think of the latest Epic Meal Time clip? Is this your new favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.