iPhone 5 To Support Multiple Networks: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile

We have some good news for those of you still patiently or impatiently waiting for the iPhone 5. Multiple sources are claiming that Apple’s upcoming smartphone will be able to support multiple networks, meaning that all major US operators can carry the handset even though they run on different modes. Verizon and Sprint both run on a CDMA network, where AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM.

It was feared that network providers like Sprint and T-Mobile could miss out on the iPhone 5, but Tech Crunch has reliable sources which have confirmed the iPhone 5 as a duel mode device. An anonymous developer who works on some of the most popular iOS apps has confirmed that the iPhone 5 will indeed support both CDMA and GSM. The person sent the tech blog app usage logs with registrations that came from the same device, showing mobile network codes and mobile country codes from both AT&T and Verizon. This multi network running device has been confirmed as one from Apple and runs on iOS 5, all but confirming the iPhone 5 will support all major carriers.

If these strong reports are true then it would be a major advantage to all involved with the iPhone 5. The first model launched in the US was an AT&T exclusive so only ran on the GSM network, Verizon eventually being allowed to carry the phone opening up a CDMA network. With Apple now opening the door for both networks on one device, the iPhone 5 will be a “world or global phone” as some say.

This will most certainly help people who travel, as different countries mainly support various networks. Asia and South America mostly use the CDMA network and this often comes with problems for consumers who own a GSM phone. The iPhone 5 will comfortably run on both networks which will be a major convenience. It does look however that there will be no 4G LTE support for this year’s model, although an iPhone is being tested with 4G. The specs are still a secret but we have seen various “fakes” and “leaks” with the latest being about its battery.

As you know the release date of the iPhone 5 is still a mystery but it has been long been expected to launch in September. Reports from MacVideo now claim the smartphone will be available for pre-order on September 30th, with a release on October 7th. Apple will want to launch the iPhone 5 near the introduction of iOS 5 so there could be some life in these rumors. Let us know your thoughts on the strong possibility of the iPhone 5 being supported by all major US networks by leaving a comment.