Brands Disseminating Content Focus for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing continues to attract a lot of attention as the platform grows and among our recent articles on this topic were a new Bounce marketing campaign and also an infographic showing social media marketing by figures. Today we wanted to look at a recent report that suggests that brands should be concentrating their social media marketing attention on disseminating content.

An article over on CBR, uses information from an eMarketer report and tells how social networking users are increasingly leaning towards social media for distributing content. It seems that the big social networking giants, Facebook and Twitter are both seeing growth rates beginning to slow and that users of these sites are now more likely to use them for finding what they consider to be worthwhile content to transmit.

For instance even though Facebook users in the US are expected to grow by around 13.4% this year, the growth will have sharply declined from a 38.6% growth the year before, and an impressive 90.3% growth in 2009. Twitter is also seeing growth decline. In 2009 the site achieved growth of a staggering 293.1%, which will have slowed to around 26.3% this year.

It seems that they way we are using social networking sites is changing and the growth of social network usage amongst the younger population (16-24) in the US has virtually stopped, according to a “Wave 5 Trends” report from GlobalWebIndex. In some countries social networking usage has not only stopped growing but is declining. GlobalWebIndex also noted that people still using Facebook were now less likely to use it for messaging friends, apps, participating in groups and sending digital gifts and that these activities were declining quicker in the US than elsewhere.

In conclusion, professional content is in high demand and microblogging site Twitter for example, sees a concentration on disseminating content among it’s most high-volume users. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so let us have your comments.