YouTube Viral Video: Geek Gets Girl part 1/2 ‘Tonka Summit too’

At OSM we report on a wide range of topics ranging from social media all the way through to technical advances and YouTube viral videos. Now we have another viral video to talk to you about, it’s titled “Geek Gets Girl Part 1 ‘Tonka Summit too’” and it features an RC car, a camera, a walkie-talkie and a few other things…

Normally videos go viral when there’s something that’s happened or someone does something amazing and shares it with the world. Other times videos go viral when people are goofing around with masses of food (Epic Meal Time) or setting historical figures off against each other in rap battles. This one however is slightly different, it’s probably one of the best geeky ways to try and get a girl without them actually seeing your goofy teeth, thick glasses, Star-Trek t-shirt and combed over hair! (Just kidding especially if you fit the description!)

The video starts off with the RC car embarking on what can only be described as a long journey as the video lasts for around 6 minutes! It would also seem that the driver is somewhat picky as he goes round quite a few different girls before settling on one that he collides with. The girl takes it pretty well and talks to the guy over the walkie-talkie but ends up telling him pretty much that he couldn’t compete with the passenger, so he drives off.

We really wanted to find out what happened next and thankfully, the video uploader (951rcguy) has filmed a second video where he returns to the same girl on the beach but this time he has gotten rid of his passenger and brought her a flower. The guy even manages to get the girl to follow the RC car back to meet him… I guess sometimes it pays off to be a bit of a geek eh? As always you can view the videos at the bottom of the article.

What’s your most inventive way of trying to get a girl and did it work? Share your experiences in the comments section below.