Yet More Apple iPhone 5 Parts Leaks: Battery Around Same Power

We’ve been keeping readers in the know with all the latest developments and speculation about the Apple iPhone 5. Recently we detailed some purported iPhone 5 components that showed up and today we have more iPhone 5 parts that have been leaked from the supply chain. If these parts are genuine it appears the battery power of the iPhone 5 will be about the same as on the iPhone 4.

Two days ago we heard more news that seems to endorse the speculated release date of October 7 and as usual the closer we get to an iPhone launch the more leaks and rumors appear. The prior components we have mentioned were the replacement headphone jacks and a camera lens, which seemed to suggest a white iPhone 5 will also be available from launch this time around. Now another parts leak has shown up and what is claimed to be an iPhone 5 back camera lens, headphone/earphone audio jack flex cable and also battery have revealed themselves.

The news came to us from Arnold Kim over on MacRumors and the parts were posted on TVC Mall, an iPhone parts supplier. The images shown on MacRumors, one of which you can see below, clearly show that these parts are different to those on the current iPhone 4 as supplied by teardown specialists iFixit. The audio jack flex cable is said to look very different from the current iPhone part but part numbers and markings are consistent with the current shipping cable and what we might expect to see.

There seems to be a closely embedded camera flash on the rear camera module, which is in line with the iPhone 4 and would appear to dispel iPhone 5 rumors of a dual-LED flash or the camera being separated from the camera module. On to the battery then and the purported iPhone 5 battery indicates 3.7V and 5.3Whr. The current iPhone displays 3.7V and 5.25Whr so it seems that the battery power will hardly have altered. The part number of the claimed iPhone 5 battery seems credible as it is 616-0580 as opposed to 616-0513 and 616-0521 on the iPhone 4.

In further interesting developments a later report on MacRumors tells us more about the battery. iPatchiPods in the UK has supplied MacRumors with photos said to be of an iPhone 5 battery part. Although this part is the same as the previous purported iPhone 5 battery in this report it is labeled DVT_B3, signaling it as a late development prototype. The DVT (device verification testing) stage comes after the EVT (engineering verification testing) stage and so might suggest that the iPhone 5 could now be at the final production stage. Genuine Apple parts have been supplied to iPatchiPods before previous product launches so this does seem credible and as before this battery would provide around the same battery power for the iPhone 5 as the battery on the current iPhone.

You may also be interested in our article about the iPhone 5 price, posted yesterday. We’re pretty sure we’ll see more and more of these leaks as the iPhone 5 launch approaches. Are you surprised the battery of the iPhone 5 will only be roughly the same as with the previous iPhone? Why not send us your comments on this.