Galaxy S II US Carrier Variants: All the News So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) is still the smartphone that many in the US are waiting for, with its main challengers being the Motorola Droid Bionic and course the Apple iPhone 5. Many of our readers waiting for the Galaxy S II have queries about the US carrier variants and we wanted to give you some news about what we know, or think we know so far, along with the latest release dates.

As you might expect none of this is confirmed as yet although a Samsung product launch on August 29 should hopefully give us all the news we’re waiting for. Since we first heard of US carrier names back in May we’ve seen many changes and different rumored models for the four major carriers and we have to stress that we’ve even seen different models rumored for the same carrier so we are not claiming to know everything. Nevertheless you may be interested in hearing the latest situation, as far as we know it, for each carrier and if you hit the links you’ll find more detail as you go if required.

We’ll start off with the two carriers that we are clearest about at the moment. Initially the Sprint Galaxy S II was named the Within but we have had much more news on this lately and are now pretty sure it will be the Epic Touch 4G, which also of course tells us it will be a 4G handset. It will also, as the name suggests, be a full touch smartphone and not with a QWERTY keyboard as first suggested. We also recently heard that Sprint could be the first US carrier to release the Galaxy S II stateside, with a rumored release date of September 9 and a speculated price of $249 on the usual two-year contract.

The T-Mobile variant is now known to be the Hercules and where this differs from other Galaxy S II models is that it will have a larger screen, a 4.5-inch. The Hercules is also reported to have NFC capability and will run on T-Mobile’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network. It will also be going to Canada’s TELUS carrier and an impressive Quadrant benchmark was also leaked. Leaked documents show a release date of October 26 and a speculated price of around $299 on contract.

For AT&T there is rather more mystery. We’ve only ever heard this Galaxy S II dubbed as the Attain and there seems to have been far less news on this than for the other carriers. At one point we heard there could be not only a full touch version but also another model with a full QWERTY keyboard but we have heard little on this since. Prior to this we reported on a leaked Attain image of a sleek-looking handset showing four capacitive touchscreen buttons, displayed in a desk or multimedia dock. However lately we’ve heard no further news on the handset or a release date, so we hope to hear more soon.

Finally we’re looking at the Verizon Galaxy S II and this is all a little confusing. This was widely claimed to be called the Function, and briefly the Stratosphere too, although that was later disclaimed. Previously it was claimed that the Galaxy S II Function would release on August 12 but of course that date came and went and nothing arrived. We also saw some apparent photos of the Function back in July showing 4G LTE but this model included a slideout keyboard, which seemed a little doubtful. We then heard of another Samsung handset the Celox, which we described as a bumped-up Galaxy S II and then more recently told how this could actually be the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S II with 4G LTE, although again this is unconfirmed. It’s also thought the Celox will have a larger 4.5-inch display, bigger battery and a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core processor so if this does turn out to be the Verizon model of the Galaxy S II an awful lot of people will no doubt be very pleased. We’ve heard nothing further on pricing or a release date for the Verizon Galaxy S II.

So there you have it, a roundup of our carrier variant articles for the Galaxy S II. We shall of course endeavor to keep you informed with developments in the coming weeks about this significant smartphone. Are you waiting for the Galaxy S II to come to your US carrier? What are your hoping for? Let us know with your comments.

  • Raj

    sigh when will it be released for AT&T…so frustratng

    • Ed Honeycutt

      Some of us seriously believe we will see it on at&t between the 28th and the 4th. Personally I feel it will come out this Sunday…thus readily available on the 29th for Samsung’s big announcement. The initial schedule I heard was At&t first, Sprint 2nd, Tmobile 3rd (possible releasing with a Movie of some sort on it) and lastly Verizon.