Epic Rap Battle of History 12: Dr Seuss VS Shakespeare

YouTube is a great place where people can express themselves in any way they want, some choose to cook and eat masses of food (Epic Meal Time), whilst others choose to showcase their amazing dog tricks. One person is slightly different to the rest, his name is nicepeter and he is behind the Epic Rap Battles of History where we are at the 12th one… Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare!

The Epic Rap Battles have been a mixture of some fantastic ones and some that perhaps aren’t up to the standard of the previous one, this one on the other hand may just be the best of the bunch. Previous favorites have included Hulk Hogan vs Kim Jong-Il but the latest video had us in stitches. As always the characters are introduced and the battled commences with each of the characters rapping in their character’s style.

Shakespeare has a few famous quotes from books whilst Dr Seuss uses characters from his stories. The battle goes back and forth between Shakespeare and the Cat in the Hat before the feline releases Thing 1 and Thing 2 who also get involved with the battle. This video was uploaded on August 17th and since then it has been one of the most viewed videos in that time frame. It has racked up almost 4 million views in just 5 days.

The mastermind behind the Epic Rap Battles, nicepeter has a channel where he has a lot of other material which, perhaps isn’t quite as well known as the Epic Rap Battles but is still worth a watch if you have some free time. As always, you can view the video at the bottom of the article. This leaves us wondering, is this the best Epic Rap battle so far? If it’s not then which one ranks in the number 1 spot for you?

Who do you want to see fight it out in the next Epic Rap Battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.