Apple Mac Product Suggestion: Absolutely Different & New Name

With the release of the refreshed MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air already seen this year we were expecting attention on Apple products to remain focused on the iPad 3 and the upcoming iPhone 5 but today some suggestions of a new and radically different Apple Mac are being bandied around by various tech sites and of course it’s got us a little excited.

It seems that Apple might have something up its sleeves and could be revealing a completely distinct Mac. Jordan Kahn over on 9to5Mac reports that Japanese site Macotakara has let slip this information, saying in translation that this new Mac would be “absolutely different from current products.” What’s more it seems the new device would be so dissimilar from previous Macs that it could even have a new name and is expected by the end of the year.

There have been rumors recently of a new product that Apple is working on and of course this could be it, although little is known so far. One suggestion from 9to5Mac is a possible iOS and OS X hybrid, which would certainly make people sit up and notice. Another idea is “ultra-thin air-like MacBooks” or even a product platform move from Intel to ARM processors.

Over on MacRumors, Eric Slivka also notes the Macotakara report and points out that the site has a rather mixed reputation as far as Apple leaks go. Macotakara previously got it wrong when stating that the new MacBook Air would have Toggle DDR 2.0 memory but has got it right on other occasions. The final version of the iPad 2 did indeed have a new, larger speaker as claimed by the site from an iPad 2 case and it was also correct on the iPad 2 release timeframe and the media event. Current claims from the Japanese site that have yet to be proven are an aluminum back on the iPhone 5 and MacBook Airs being tested with the A5 processor, according to Apple Insider.

Make of this what you will then but it’s certainly something to digest and get our brain boxes going. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this latest snippet of tech gossip so let us have your comments on what you think we may eventually see, or what you hope to see?

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