Twitter Usage Illustrated: How Much Reflects You?

Here at OSM, microblogging site Twitter is one of our most popular topics and many of us have become regular users, to an extent we never could have imagined when it was launched. Last month we shared an infographic showing the success story of Twitter and now we have news for you of a new infographic that displays how people actually use Twitter.

This latest infographic was brought to our attention by Charlie White over on Mashable and created by Lab42 and asked 500 Twitter users what’s trending @Twitter in regards to how they use it. It certainly gives a fascinating insight into how many of us are using the site and certainly made me feel that I’m not the only one that maybe uses it a little too much. You can see the full infographic below this story or at the Mashable link above.

We start off with some basic information such as how often people access Twitter and 37% now use it multiple times a day while 33% said they use it once a day. 19% replied that they access Twitter a few times a week, 5% a few times a month and only 6% said they rarely or never use it. Moving on to how often users actually tweet 42% said more than once a day (not just me then!), 23% replied daily, 17% a few times a week, 9% a few times a month and 9% said rarely or never.

Other questions asked include why users decided to join Twitter, where users access Twitter from, how users find new people to follow, how many brands users follow and why (66% said for discounts) and also which celebrities are followed. We know that Lady Gaga is immensely popular on social media platforms but even we were surprised to find that 43% of those questioned followed Lady Gaga on Twitter. There’s plenty more information on the infographic and you may also be interested in our recent article on new social media and tech words being included in the Oxford English Dictionary, one of which is ‘retweet.’

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about this infographic so why not take a look and let us know if it reflects your own Twitter usage? Let us have your comments on this.