Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: Football/Soccer Does It Again

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Twitter top 10 trending topics where we are expecting Football / Soccer to top the chart once again. The chart this week comes courtesy of Mashable’s Charlie White where we have had a pretty eventful week on the ever growing Twitter with different topics trending all the time.

The 10th position trend in the chart this week is Father’s Day (Brazil) as the second Sunday in August has now passed. People were sending each other messages of best wishes. Flying into 9th position is Twitter/Facebook as people were talking about which of the two massive social networks is the best, no mention of Google+ but when it goes public we will undoubtedly see it facing off against the other two.

The 8th position is occupied by Big Time Rush which is a band, many people were tweeting their support for them this week. In 7th spot we have Drake as he appeared on a new track with Lil Wayne titled “She Will.” Many fans were tweeting their support for Drake.

The trend creeping into 6th position this week is McDonalds/Burger King, much like the Facebook/Twitter trend we mentioned earlier, people were tweeting which of the two is their favorite and which is better. Jani Lane has appeared in the half way point in the chart, 5th position. This name trended because people were remembering the former member of Warrant who died on August 11th 2011 where the discussions of his death continue.

The 4th spot in this week’s chart sees a regular returning and it’s someone who is a big time star, Justin Bieber. This name trends once again this time because there were a number of people tweeting the full names of their favorite idols, Justin Drew Bieber dominated… We are now breaching the top 3 with Harry Potter once again. One of the movies was shown on T.V which was “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” but it mainly trended because of a #Tag that stayed around for a while, it was #ReplaceMovieNamesWithVoldemort.

Runner up this week in 2nd position is Jersey Shore (TV Show) and this was mainly because Abercrombie & Fitch offered some money to the Jersey Shore cast to stop wearing their brand clothing on the air. Now we have hit the number 1 spot and its back in full force, Football / Soccer! There were a number of reasons causing this topic to trend, partly because the English Premier League is well underway now but also because of Cesc Fabregas has finally completed his move to FC Barcelona as it had been on the cards for some time.

That concludes the weekly chart and if you missed out on last week’s then you can view it by clicking here. As for predictions for next week, it’s pretty difficult to bet against Football / Soccer doing it again, that is unless anything crazy happens!

What did you think of this week’s chart, were there any surprise inclusions in your eyes? What’s your prediction for next week’s number 1? Let us know in the comments section below.