Best Buy Selling HP Tablet For $99: Get One If You Can?

Tablet PCs have become an extremely desirable device since Apple rejuvenated the market and now we are seeing more and more manufacturers joining the party. One that joined up fairly recently didn’t really find any success and that’s HP with the TouchPad. Now Best Buy is selling the top end HP tablet for just $99, we want to know if you have managed to get one or if you should?

Firstly, before you leave the house or search the Internet for one, let’s just recap on why it’s on sale for the price that it is… HP bought Palm mainly because of the potential platform that they had in the webOS. Recently their Q3 2011 earnings were reportedly low and because of that they have taken the decision to end proceedings for the webOS platform including tablet PCs and smartphones as we reported yesterday.

With that being the case, HP added a press release and sent a memo round to all retailers and affiliates that stock their tablet PC saying that the price has been cut. Over at they have an article basically asking if the tablet PC is even worth buying at $99. There are always reasons for and against just about every device on and coming to market but the fact that HP has probably sold more of these TouchPad tablets in the last 24 hours than they have in the last month.

We are seeing reports all over the web that everywhere is selling out of these quickly and in many cases completely sold out. Generally prices are looking like this, the 16GB version of the device has been reduced from $399.99 to $99 and the 32GB has gone from $499.99 to $149.99, both of which are decent prices when you consider the specifications that the device has. Be warned though, there probably won’t be any updates to the OS in the future unless of course HP picks up from where they are now in the future.

What do you think of the price slash for the HP TouchPad? Let us know if you got one and what you think of it in the comments section below.