Reaffirmed Droid Bionic News: Release Date, Contract Price & More

The Motorola Droid Bionic has been somewhat of an enigma in the many months we’ve been waiting for its release. We’ve been keeping you up-to-date with all the development and rumors about this Android smartphone but just lately as we near the launch, details have started flooding in thick and fast. Today we have some reaffirmed news for you about the Motorola Droid Bionic release date, price on contract and more so sit tight!

Just in the last few days regular readers will remember we’ve brought you what looks like some decent confirmation at last of the specs and features for the Droid Bionic from a leaked manual along with news of a Best Buy ad. For the last few weeks the expected release date has been for the beginning of September but then a few days ago we heard a new rumored date of August 26 and a full price of $587 from a leaked Verizon store SKU. We’ve rounded up some of the latest information for you and it seems like September 8 is now the very probable release date so we can probably forget that August 26 rumor. Verizon’s minimum advertised price (MAP) list actually lists pricing starting from September 8 so we’d all but bet our cotton socks on this now.

The news comes to us from the source of the leak, Kellex over on Droid-Life, and as well as providing a likely release date the MAP (shown below) also gives us the price on contract which was not known previously. It looks like the Droid Bionic will have a price of $299.99 on the usual 2-year contract, so slightly higher than we expected and Droid-Life also tells how the full retail price will be $589.99, a little different than we previously heard.

Meanwhile Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile tells how the Droid Bionic made a short appearance on the Verizon website’s front page although it doesn’t appear to be there at present. The page for the Bionic showed a ‘Rule All Machines’ tag, along with the ubiquitous ‘coming soon,’ that we know and love/hate. The appearance does reaffirm though that after so long waiting we should be seeing the eventual release of the Droid Bionic very soon now.

We told recently how the Bionic and also Samsung’s Galaxy S II looked likely to get to the launch pad before Apple’s iPhone 5 and we’d be amazed now if that didn’t prove to be the case. We’d like to know if you’ve been patient enough to continue waiting for the Droid Bionic and also what you think of the $299.99 price tag on contract? Let us know with your comments.

  • Ashley Key

    This is invalid, the samsung droid charge wasn’t released until april 28th 2011, so if you’re just going by the dates listed there its incorrect.

  • Nathan McConnell

    Heard the Bionic could go as low as $149.00….