HP is Shutting Down WebOS: Surprised?

When you think about the world of tablet PCs you instantly think about the Apple iPad (2) and the Android devices that currently dominate the market. Of course, Android has been taken on by the majority of manufacturers but there was one that decided not to go with it, instead they opted for the webOS and that company is HP. Unfortunately, as many people would have predicted, they are now shutting down webOS but does this really come as a surprise?

This pretty much means the death of Palm and the webOS as reported over on Mashable by Christina Warren. As many of you are already aware, HP purchased Palm back in April largely because of the potential of the webOS platform. It would however seem that it has failed to live up to that potential. HP added a press release for their Q3 2011 financial results where they have said they will discontinue operations for the webOS devices, more specifically for the TouchPad and webOS phones.

What we are now seeing happening following HP’s announcement Best Buy in the U.S and Canada had the device on sale. The 16GB TouchPad was down from $399.99 to just $99 and the 32GB version went from $499.99 to $149.99 with the sale ending on August 22nd. This is probably the biggest tablet PC sale we have ever seen but unfortunately the Canadian Webstore seems to be sold out! We are thinking that they probably sold more of these devices in the last few hours than they did in an entire month. This is great for those of you who either don’t get on with Apple’s iOS or Android’s OS and it’s also a great bargain to pick up a tablet PC with some pretty decent specifications.

Are you surprised that the webOS is being killed off (for now) by HP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.