USB Version Of Apple Mac OS X Lion Is Here: £55!

Apple’s Mac OS X Lion software has been out a little under a month now and was the first version ever not to be available via disc. Apple has insisted on digital downloads; however the Mac software would also become available via USB drive. Said drive is now available and is on offer for the unattractive price of £55 ($70).

The reason for the inclusion of a USB version was for those who do not have a broadband connection. Yes 99% of Mac owners are probably online, but it is also to aid those who have extremely poor connections or have data restrictions included in their deal. The download is 4GB which could incur chargers from various service providers but these will not amass to anywhere near £55. According to Cnet UK, the price for the download is only £21 which makes the USB price all the more baffling.

If you do not fancy paying the £34 difference and do not have an internet connection then another way you can get OS X Lion is by visiting your local Apple store. The guys in there will allow you to connect to their Wi-Fi network so you can download away. When Lion first launch it was a roaring success, sweeping past over 1 million downloads in the first day of availability.

Apple rolled out the first software update for Lion on Tuesday which saw a number of bugs fixed, PC Mag reports. Many of the bugs that have been addressed are ones that affect watching videos in Safari and also the reliability of Wi-Fi connections. When Mac OS X Lion first launched it had a number of bugs which stopped Adobe programs from working properly. As far as we know these issues have been resolved in the update. Will you shell out an extortionate amount of money for the OS on USB?