Potential Apple iPhone 5 Sighting: Long Home Button?

Smartphones are becoming the sort of thing that we are all finding it difficult to be detached from, most of the time we have the devices close to us in our pockets and we normally have a fiddle with them when we have a free moment. They have become more and more advanced and are now packed full of crazy features and we are even seeing them with 3D screens! With that being the case one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones, the Apple iPhone 5 has potentially been spotted and it has a long home button on it…?

When we first heard about this sighting, as always we were slightly skeptical as Apple keep a really tight lid on things and generally things don’t get leaked unless they want it too. The pictures that we learned of through an entry on iClarified seem to show some guys in full white overalls complete with rubber gloves that look as if they have been operating on some kind of alien. They are apparently leaked photos from the Wintek manufacturing the iPhone 5 touchscreen with the elongated home button that was previously rumored not to even be present.

They picked up the report from Micgadget.com where there’s a load of images of the guys in the white suits looking like they are either doing quality control or cleaning the screens before they are shipped somewhere. Also, contrary to previous reports the screen looks to be wider than that of the Apple iPhone 4. There have been a number of reports saying that the next device would be like a redesigned iPhone 4, but if these pictures are anything to go by, we are in for quite a redesign.

What do you guys make of these pictures then? Do you think these are the screens of the iPhone 5? Would you be pleased with a longer home button and a larger screen? Tell us in the comments section below.

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    Home button?? As what I can see, the white part looks like the front camera and the speaker so the home button is probably built-in and gonna be part of the touchscreen.