Latest Oxford English Dictionary Additions: Social Media & Tech

Those OSM readers with good memories may remember that back in June we brought you news of social media and tech additions to Oxford Dictionaries Online, such as ‘Twittersphere,’ ‘infographic,’ ‘unfollow’ and ‘permalink’. Today we have news of additions now made to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary with 400 new words, some of which belong in the worlds of social media and technology.

Just a few of the extra words listed for the 12th edition of the dictionary are ‘retweet,’ ‘cyberbullying,’ and ‘sexting,’ and as these terms are so commonly used these days it’s a reminder that they are actually relatively new additions to the language. After referring to some dropped words such as ‘growlery’, and ‘brabble’, Angus Stevenson of Oxford University Press stated in a blog, “the preoccupations of today’s Generation Y have opened the door to some equally colourful vocabulary — how about momo, noob, nurdle, and woot?”

Ben Parr over on Mashable also tells of some other new words not social media or tech-related, such as ‘mankini’ (who could forget!), ‘jeggings’ and ‘domestic goddess.’ We’re also told that this year the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is celebrating it’s centennial and that over 240,000 words now make up the dictionary. New meanings have also been added. For example ‘follower’ according to the blog (linked to above) is now also defined as “‘someone who is tracking a particular person, group, etc. on a social networking site.” Also the word ‘friend’ has a new meaning, defined as “‘a contact on a social networking website.”

The latest additional words and meanings are certainly a reflection on how the world has changed and continues to change so rapidly, especially in the fields of social media and tech. What do you think of these latest extras to the dictionary? Let us have your comments on this.