Is a Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE Coming? Unpacked Event Teaser

The Samsung Galaxy S II or S2 continues to excite those in the US who have yet to see its release, which is looking likely to be around the same time as the Motorola Droid Bionic, both beating the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5. Today we have news of a possible Galaxy S II 4GE LTE upgrade from a teaser video for Samsung’s Unpacked event at IFA 2010 in Berlin, scheduled for September 1.

The new video is along similar lines to the earlier Galaxy S II “light” clips but why continue in that vein as the Galaxy S II has been available in Europe for some months now? The possible answer to this is a Galaxy S II upgrade and a 4G LTE version is the most obvious choice. The handset itself is never shown in the video, merely illumination where people would be holding their smartphones and apart from that Samsung promise “something big,” according to Scott Webster over on AndroidGuys. You can view the video below this story. Some of the videos we have found for this teaser are now marked private but the one we’ve embedded below from the Android Community is available.

Webster also tells how when they expanded tags on the video there were numerous mentions of 4G and LTE and its deductions lead them to think this ‘upgraded’ Galaxy S II may also have a larger 4.5-inch screen. It explains how 4G LTE would make the Galaxy S II faster and not bigger and that a larger screen could be the added bonus. We’ve already reported on the Galaxy S II variant, the Hercules, coming to T-Mobile USA and TELUS in Canada and this version also has a larger 4.5-inch screen. It does seem strange that before US consumers have even seen the arrival of the original Galaxy S II (due to be launched at an event on August 29), an upgrade could already be on the way.

We also told recently of rumors about a handset called the Samsung Celox and then heard more about the fact that it could be a Galaxy S II 4G LTE variant headed to Verizon and this news would certainly back that up if accurate. Chris Burns over on Slash Gear also reports on this Samsung teaser and agrees the most likely product is a 4G LTE Galaxy S II and also mentions the possibility of a larger screen. Either that or it could be a completely different device that we’ve not yet heard about but we’d agree that doesn’t seem a likely option.

It’s certainly intriguing stuff but of course that’s exactly what Samsung was hoping for and at least there’s not too much longer until we find out more. We shall, of course, keep you up to date with further developments on the Galaxy S II. What are your thoughts on this teaser video? Let us know with your comments.