Facebook Restructured Navigation: What Do You Think of Changes?

One of our most popular subjects at OSM is giant social networking site Facebook. However we’ve noted on many occasions that a lot of people simply don’t like changes to their favorite social networking site and we’ve seen numerous examples of that from Facebook and Twitter. Today we wanted to talk about the restructured navigation on Facebook and ask what you think of the changes?

The new left-hand navigation menu has just started rolling out and is an attempt to enhance Facebook apps and encourage engagement. The revamp incorporates improved bookmarks and notifications, according to Ben Parr over on Mashable. Four sections are displayed on the made-over navigation and they are Pages, Groups, Apps and Favorites. Pages and Groups lists the two favored Pages and Groups used and on the right a notifications number.

Meanwhile Apps requests and Games request are little changed from the prior navigation setup and Favorites will now include links to features, News Feeds or Events for example. The “More” button is now hidden unless you hover over the left-hand navigation. If you now click on it you’ll be directed to another page where you can add Pages and Groups to the Favorites category. Prior to this, users needed to click the “More” button that was displayed beneath each menu.

A big revamp of Facebook’s design took place in February last year including the navigation system that has now been changed again. A few months after this major redesign some more changes were made to Game and App requests. As we said previously we know that some social networking users are unsettled when alterations or improvements are made to social networking sites so we’d like to hear what you think about these new changes. Do you like the new look or maybe you wish Facebook would just leave things alone? Let us know with your comments.