Droid Bionic Leaked Manual – More Detail: Specs and Features

We’ve been giving you info about the Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon on a regular basis as we know just how many readers are waiting for it and earlier today gave news of a new rumored release date and price. However at the time we missed some more information and want to get you up to speed with that now. It seems that a Tips and Tricks manual for the Droid Bionic has been leaked and more details of specs and features has been revealed.

The guide revealed some confirmation of specs we already expected such as a 4.3-inch qHD display, along with other specs and features that were so far unsubstantiated. At one time we had heard, for example, that the Droid Bionic may have an optional dock, similar to the Atrix, allowing it to be used like a laptop and it seems this was accurate. Emily Price over on TechnoBuffalo, the source of the leak, tells how full Firefox browsing with multi-window support is available and the Bionic will also have MotoPrint support to enable wireless printing. Another plus is that Bionic owners will be able to view their content on a larger screen with HDMI-out with mirror mode.

Another feature will be ZumoCast, seen on some other Motorola smartphones, which enables files to be streamed from a home computer to the handset. The leaked manual also seems to confirm the 8-megapixel camera we anticipated, along with a front-facer and three variously situated microphones on the handset. There’s more good news as it seems owners will be able to use their Bionics to access Mobile Hotspot for up to 8 devices.

Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile tells how the Mirror Mode will be a fantastic feature and also notes that other details are 16GB of internal memory and 1GB of DDR2 RAM, which is something many were hoping for. There will also be a 16GB microSD card included. We certainly hoped this leaked manual is genuine as it’s good to have many features and specs seemingly confirmed, along with hearing of a few others. If you’ve been waiting for the Droid Bionic are you impressed by this new information? Let us have your comments to let us know.

UPDATE: Just a few hours after we published this post TechnoBuffalo also got their hands on an as-yet unreleased Best Buy ad for the Droid Bionic, scheduled to run in the Best Buy Buyer’s Guide due out this coming Sunday. This also lists specs that match those above and so the signs of an imminent Bionic release are very promising.