DirecTV Teams Up With Sony: NFL Sunday Ticket Pack On PS3

Up until now, only DirecTV customers could get the exclusive NFL Sunday Ticket subscription package. Things are set for a very convenient and interesting change as DirecTV has struck a deal with Sony to bring this coveted satellite package to the PS3. From now on, owners of Sony’s games console will be able to stream live NFL games, even without the need for a dish.

This should be fantastic news for Football fans as this hugely simplifies the subscription process for people who do not have DirecTV. Subscribers to this package can watch up to 14 live high definition matches on a Sunday. The main negative is that on the PS3 you will be limited to out-of-market games. If you own a PS3 and want to be included on all this sporting action then you can sign up to the NFL Sunday Ticket for $339.95 according to Mashable. This does seem like quite a chunky price but it is in fact only $5 dearer than the DirecTV subscription and saves you the troubles of having a dish installed.

Some NFL fans can have problems with signal if they do not have a good line of sight to the southwestern sky or have laws against dishes. With the PlayStation 3 version of the NFL package you will have no such problems. If you are already a DirecTV customer and fancy expanding your NFL coverage to your PS3 also, then for an extra $50 you can use both as sports hubs. This can be a huge advantage if different people in the home want to watch different games.

Whats more is that DirecTV has collaborated with the to bring Fantasy Football functionality to the television screen, Digital Trends reports. The new NFL season kicks off on September 8th so we suggest you get yourself set up if you are already not. This is helped by the fact that Sony has lowered the prices of their PlayStation 3. Some believe this is to make the console more affordable, others think it is because the PlayStation 4 is launching next year.

The major sporting leagues are now starting to realize that it is more beneficial to offer live services through games consoles and set top boxes than through cable and satellite. More and more people are buying PS3s, Xbox 360s, Apple TV and other services like Roku, making it easier and probably more profitable to offer to consumers. Will you be signing up on your PS3 before the start of the new season? Let us know by leaving a comment.