Apple Back to School Promotion Changes Needed: Mac Sales Drop

We enjoy keeping our readers informed about back to school promotions and of course one of the biggest every year is the Apple Back to School promotion. However it seems that this year’s offers could do with changing as Mac Sales have dropped significantly.

Following our report that iTunes gift cards would be offered on sales of Macs instead of free iPods or other discounts, we had many comments from people expressing disappointment about this year’s Apple back to school season and following this told how many people felt it was a real letdown. However initially at least it seemed that the back to school promotion this year was a big success and that sales were soaring. New reports though, suggest that Apple’s promotion is too weak and that Mac Sales fell notably, around 35 to 40% last weekend compared to the weekend of July 23.

According to Todd Haselton over on BGR, Trip Chowdhry, Global Equities research analyst issued an investor warning yesterday about this saying that it was “probably one of the slowest weekends for Mac sales,” and that the slump was likely to be because of an unconvincing back to school season. Although Chowdhry did add that gas prices could be partially to blame BGR notes that only 4 university bookstores were used for the data, which sounds a bit flimsy. However Chowdhry makes a valid point when he states that the back to school promotion could be boosted by $100 cash refunds rather than the gift cards currently being offered.

Ed Sutherland over on Cult of Mac also notes the slowdown in Apple’s Mac sales but notes that other analysts disagree. Maynard Um of UBS Investment Research maintained in a report the day before Chowdhry’s that strong sales of Macs were likely and said that Apple’s Mac “continues to be the most popular among consumers and students heading back to school.”

Interesting stuff and we’d like to hear what you think. Would you be more likely to buy a new Mac with a different back to school deal? Maybe you already purchased another PC as you weren’t convinced by this year’s Apple back to school promotion? Let us know with your comments.