YouTube Sensation: 4-Year Old Preacher Racks Up Millions

Viral video site YouTube that allows people to upload, share and view content is accessed by millions of users every day of the week. Along with bringing you news of Google Doodles that make their way to the search engine’s homepage, one of our favorite subjects is that of videos that appear on the popular YouTube.

In the past we’ve brought you news of Epic Meal times, soldiers doing Glee in Afghanistan, movie trailers that hit YouTube before they’re released, examples of this have included Harry Potter and the First Dark Knight, Michael Jackson’s death 2 years on with some of the best videos and so on.

Today its news of a 4-year old boy by the name of Kanon Tipton who has now been given the name of the youngest preacher in the world. Standing up in front of church goers, Tipton from the age of 21 months has been preaching the word of God to followers. First seen on YouTube when he could barely walk and talk, Tipton can be seen almost shouting into the microphone and taking on the actions of a preacher.

As the youngster has now got a little older and out of diapers, he can be seen on the stage in a suit ad moping his brow. A staggering 4 million if not more people have viewed Tipton and the figure is still growing.

According to, Tipton was born into a family of preachers, his father can be seen at their local church in Mississippi and before him, Tipton’s grandfather took on the role. Many have questioned the boy’s age and whether he is just purely mimicking the actions of his father, whilst in a recent interview with “Today’s Breakfast Show,” his parents were asked whether the boy has indeed been picked out and its the sign of a calling.

His father Damon Tipton said, “One word comes to mind and I believe its “phenomenon.” Both parents have categorically said that this is something that isn’t forced upon their son but if Kanon decides to get up onto the pulpit, then they will show their support.

Check out the embedded video below and tell us what you think? Is Kanon just copying the actions of those before him such as his father or grandfather or has he been picked out to do the Lord’s work?