Social Media Marketing Laid Bare in Figures

Here at OSM we’ve made no secret of our enthusiasm for a good infographic and a couple of recent examples include the 5-year YouTube impact on US politics and another detailing the iPhone 5 and its main rivals. Today’s infographic is on one of our favorite subjects, social media marketing, and looks at the figures involved with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and location-based services.

Some of the numbers detailed in this infographic are staggering and almost beyond our comprehension. I doubt, even 5 years ago, that anybody could possibly have imagined the impact that social media has had on marketing and this provides a fascinating look. The infographic was brought to our attention by Todd Wasserman over on Mashable, in a series supported by The Awareness Social Marketing Hub and designed by Larry Buchanan. You can see the full infographic below our story or on the Mashable link above.

We wanted to highlight just some of the most intriguing and amazing facts from the infographic but you’ll need to have a good browse yourselves as there’s a lot to digest. As well as facts about the main social media platforms there’s also information about 6 social media marketing campaigns. Starting with YouTube we can tell you that there were 22 million views in just one week for “Mano a Mano en el Bano” from Old Spice and 65.5 million views over two years for the “Roller Skating Babies” from Evian. Also YouTube now has over 10,000 brand partners.

For Twitter, there were 86.5 million impressions in June 2010 for Coca-Cola’s Promoted Trend and in January 2011 for IBM’s “Lotusphere” conference there were 35,000 tweets using the hashtag #LS11. Looking at Facebook just a couple of the more interesting facts were that there are now 4 billion shares on the social networking site every day and that 70% of small business owners now use Facebook for marketing.

Moving on to Foursquare we see that there were 381,576,305 checkins in total in 2010 and that during a McDonalds one-day promotion awarding random gift cards there was a 33% increase in checkins on that day. The social media marketing campaigns used for the infographic include Old Spice, EA Games Bulletstorm, Katy Perry Purr and Free The Children. For example the Old Spice marketing campaign saw Facebook fans rise by 60% in one month while YouTube subscribers more than doubled to 150,000.

There’s plenty more interesting information to absorb so check out the infographic on social media marketing and let us know your thoughts. Were you surprised or even shocked at any of the figures involved? Let us know with your comments.

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