iOS and Android OS Fight: Users Distinguished and Illustrated

Apple’s iOS and the Android operating systems are often the topic of debate about which is the most successful or popular platform and which devices are best, but it’s not very often that the differences between people who prefer one OS over the other are distinguished. Many are fiercely loyal to either operating system and today we have news about an infographic that illustrates some of the differences between Android and iOS (iPhone) users.

The infographic was compiled from information supplied by 15,818 cellphone users, 32% of whom used Apple’s iOS while another 21% used Android. The responses from those polled using iOS or Android were then combined with 80 million previous poll results and some interesting observations came out as a consequence. This infographic was brought to our attention by Sherilynn Macale over on The Next Web and compiled by the Hunch Blog.

A huge amount of detail is shown about iOS and Android users and you can see the full infographic below this story, or on The Next Web link above. The infographic is divided into sections, Core Demographics, Personality, Life Experiences, Technology, Speaking of the Phone, Media, Food and Drink and Fashion,Taste and Aesthetics, and followed by a brief section on other OS users. The differences of users are clearly displayed with Android users on the left and iOS users to the right and it provides us with some fascinating detail.

As far as core demographics goes for example, 10% of Android users are more likely to be men, while 18% of iOS users were more likely to be women. Also 20% of Android users were more likely to be conservative while 17% of iOS users were more likely to be politically liberal. 60% of iOS users were more likely to be American Express cardholders. On top of this 24% of Android users were more likely to have a household income of between $50 and $100k while iOS users were 67% more likely to have a household income of $200k or more. A definite picture is starting to build then.

If we then take a look at personality, Android users were more likely to be pessimists while iOS users were thus more likely to be optimists. 12% of Android users were also more likely to be introverts, compared to 14% of iOS users more likely to be extroverts. Looking at the way users feel about technology 57% of Android users were more likely to prefer an ugly device with plenty of features, while a staggering 122% of iOS users were more likely to prefer a sleek device that does less. As far as actual phone use is concerned it was found that Android users were slightly more likely to listen to a telemarketing pitch, at least briefly, while iOS users were more likely to hang up.

There are literally dozens and dozens more intriguing observations and we’d be interested to hear whether these findings are reflected by your own experiences. Are you an iOS or Android user and do any of these observations ring true? Let us know with your comments.