Xbox 360 Scrapping Glossy Look- Matte Finish The Future

Microsoft has decided to make a decision on the future design for its Xbox 360 games consoles. Since its launch we have seen a variety of different themes, colors and concepts with both a matte and glossy finish both being sported by the popular console. From now on the shiny look will be scrapped and the best selling games console will permanently wear a matte black look.

The 4GB matte black versions of the console will now be mandatory until they launch a newer console like the Xbox 720. Obviously there will be special edition themed versions of the Xbox 360 available like this Star Wars one. Microsoft did not state a clear reason as to why they would be retiring the shiny version but it is thought to be something to do with parts. Win Rumors reports that money would be saved by this decision as it eliminates the manufacturing of 2 types of parts.

Tech Radar on the other hand believes that another reason is to do with the actual hardware itself. The glossy Xbox often got very dirty and fingerprints would show up all over it, attracting a lot of criticism. Microsoft themselves have said that if you like the glossy version of the Xbox then you should buy one now as there soon wont be any left. If you are a collector of discontinued items then this could be a good addition, just like the “fat” PS3.

This news was announced by Xbox Live head of programming Larry Hryb who said: “We are actively transitioning all our Xbox 360 S consoles to a matte finish”. Rumors were that during this holiday season, gamers would have the choice of either the matte or glossy console; however the Microsoft official put this speculation to bed. Hryb also confirmed that the glossy console would only return in special promotions from now on, like with Gears of War 3.

So which Xbox 360 console do you own, importantly which do you prefer? If you are the proud owner of a glossy Xbox 360 then sometime in the future the value of your console may just double. Let us know your thoughts on the near end of the shiny Xbox 360 and the permanence of the black matte version.