Teachers Tormented Online: Actions Of Parents & Children

In the past when we’ve spoken about the topic of cyber bullying, the news tends to emphasize on the younger generation, but news today has stated that a dramatic rise has been seen amongst teachers being targeted particularly from parents.

Articles posted from ourselves have varied with news of where you can get help if you are on the receiving end of bullying, including organisations and website addresses that can be contacted, how the President of America Barack Obama has played an active role in changing our society, we asked whether teachers monitoring their students Facebook accounts was a good or bad move and so on. A teenager Casey Heynes had himself been singled out and in turn decided to hit back. An anti-bullying campaign was set up between an NRL boxing trainer and himself with the aim of helping those affected.

According to news.sky.com, a staggering one in three teachers is found to be bullied online and more than 25% of the perpetrators are parents. The two sites most used are that of Twitter and Facebook with research site UK Safer Internet Centre, stating that parents are targeting teachers after their child(ren) receive bad grades or have just taken a dislike to that particular individual.

Professor of social responsibility in IT at Plymouth Business School “Andy Phippen,” said “You expect a little bit of abuse from children. But when parents launch 12 month campaigns of abuse you have to think something has gone wrong here. Parents are saying ‘you gave my child a bad grade,’ I’m going to give you a slating on Facebook.”

The survey of some 377 resulted in over 35% saying that they or someone they knew in the profession had suffered from the result of online bullying. As we know Facebook users can log onto the site and post messages on their wall for all to see and as well as this, groups in some cases have been set up for people to leave their own comments on a teacher(s).

In today’s society, it leaves us wondering what the world is coming to when teachers who are educating our children are subjected to abuse.

Tell us where you stand with this? Should there be tighter regulations on both sites to stop this behaviour from happening?