Google Voice Coming To Gmail UK: Online Phone Service

Google has subtly added a new feature to Gmail which allows you to turn your computer into a telephone. Google Voice allows you to call your friends like you normally would, reaching either a landline or mobile. Video calling and other forms of IM communication are common on the internet with Google ensuring they stay competitive in this area.

You can start calling people on the go from your PC by fist installing the voice and video plug in, according to Cnet UK. You can access Google voice by looking for the small green icon of a phone, near the top of the chat list. Sadly this service is not free and you will have to add credit to your account before you can start chatting. Although many will be reluctant to use this service and stick with a mobile phone, international call charges are pretty reasonable on Google Voice.

Google voice calls to UK mobiles and France cost 7p for each minute you talk, with calls to India somehow only 2p a minute. Luckily there is no cost for connection, which many providers including Skype charge for. You can top up your account normally via credit card, however you can only add funds to your account by the amount of £10 each time. You can pay in either pounds, Euros, US dollars or Canadian dollars. The Telegraph thinks that this move will put Google into competition with even more companies such as BT.

Google’s Voice service has plenty of competition from Microsoft owned Skype and Apple’s FaceTime feature used on a number of their latest iOS products. Google know how big the video chat market is which is why they have made it a focal part of their Google+ social network. Expanding their Voice service out of the US and across Europe should prove a success, it makes as a good substitute for a landline or mobile phone if you are that way inclined. The search engine giant also made the huge purchase yesterday of Motorola Mobility. Is Google’s new service one you would use?