Bing Search Beats Google On What You Want To See

We are all aware that Google has delved into the world of social networking with their new community called Google+. With all the concentration on that, has Google lost sight of what it’s good at and that is what it’s most famous for, being a search engine? We have just heard that Bing’s search has beaten Google on what you want to see in your results.

This is pretty astonishing, Google’s search engine is what has put them on the map and made them so famous. Since then they have walked into the tablet and smartphone market with Google Android where they have joined up with lots of manufacturers in an all out ground war with Apple. With all that going on, could Google have dropped the ball on their search engine?

A report yesterday on would indicate that they have, it would appear that the results even after the last Panda update, it would appear that the public finds Bing to be more accurate and successful at providing useful search results. Bing had been pretty much written off as we have seen some big time competitors superseded by Google, Yahoo being the most notable one.

When Microsoft launched Bing back in 2009, they must have been aware of the massive task ahead of them in even creating an indentation on the market that Google occupies. The results of searches were analyzed by and now Bing has an ace up its sleeve. They can now market themselves with Quality not Quantity which will undoubtedly get attention and may even increase the number of people using its services.

Whilst Google still controls 66% of the searches conducted, Bing holds 28% with different search engines and the remaining 8% belongs to much smaller competitors. Another interesting statistic is the one that shows 72% of Bing’s traffic comes from Internet Explorer users who have Bing set as their browser.

This all makes it interesting times ahead for Microsoft and Bing as millions of dollars have been poured into the search engine and it looks like more will be going into it now as well. The roadmap for Bing looks to contain a desktop application much like that of Google’s but we hear it will have much deeper social integration with Twitter and Facebook; after all, social media is the way forward. HTML5 also looks to be in the plans for Microsoft and Bing, it might be worth having a little search on there from time to time if you don’t already, who knows, you may prefer Bing to Google when you get used to it.

What search engine do you use most? Have you found that the Google results aren’t pulling back the things you want to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Gregory Cushing

    Bing is completely horrible. This article is silly. I dont know a single person who uses bing. Bing still gives me a majority of googles results.