Pioneer Trail Experience from Zynga: Latest Social Adventure Game

We know that many of our readers are fans of social gaming and regularly bring news of the latest developments from social network gaming specialists Zynga. After the phenomenal success of FarmVille, CityVille and more recently Empires and Allies on Facebook, regular players will be pleased to learn of the latest social adventure game, The Pioneer Trail.

The Pioneer Trail is a game within the popular FrontierVille and where it differs from other Zynga games so far is that it has a definite structure with a beginning and end. Those who like the pioneering experience will use a wagon and make their way across 3 maps in total with various missions along the way. The game will have a less social feel than previous Zynga games in that rather than adding more and more friends to broaden the experience and enhance the game players will only be able to choose 3 friends, leading to a more personal feel.

The game is available to play now according to Ben Parr over on Mashable and if you’re concerned you can’t choose or don’t have three close friends to play The Pioneer Trail with, Zynga does plan a feature that will allow users to match up with other players. Alternatively computer players can be added but without constant play the game will be much slower. Although one set of dedicated players managed to complete the game in only 36 hours, John Osvald, FrontierVille general manager, notes that it would typically take around three weeks to conclude.

The three maps used are Beaver Valley, High Plains and Avalanche Pass and each is vastly bigger than the usual Zynga games. Players need to cooperate and each friend will have a separate skill, such as doctor, that will be needed to survive the trail. The climax of the game is reached at Fort Courage and if players manage to complete the game they will be able to transfer their prize tickets to their town in FrontierVille. How well you played the game will be reflected in your score but if you’re not satisfied with the level of your achievement you can try it out again.

We’ve told readers about the planned IPO from Zynga and new adventures could certainly give the company an extra boost in revenue. Are you planning to play the Pioneer Trail? Do you like the idea of it being a more intimate experience than the usual Zynga game? Let us know with your comments.