Dell Streak 5: Discontinued and Thrown Out The Window

When you think about the market for tablet PCs you have to wonder just how anything is going to make any sort of indentation in terms of market share on Apple’s iPad and iPad 2. One that tried and failed is the Dell Streak 5; it’s now been discontinued and thrown out the window.

Dell is pretty well known throughout the world for their computer systems and different devices over the years. They are known for delivering quality goods and have been mixing it up with all of the other competitors for towers, laptops and of course tablet PCs. It’s a shame that this little smartphone, tablet PC hybrid never really took off, when you look at the direction smartphones are going, they are almost where the Streak 5 was.

Thinking about some devices we have in terms of smartphones on the market and also ones that will be entering in the not too distant future, some of them already have screens that are more than 4-inches in size already! Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Dell seems to have decided to cut their losses on the device and concentrate on making bigger tablets, which seem to be the sort of device that’s selling well.

We learned that the device was being taken off the shelves through an article over on by Steven Mostyn where he has said that Dell’s Streak 5 has failed to convince both the smartphone and tablet markets of its worth. Of course, with the news spreading quickly, more and more sites like ourselves are reporting the news and raising the awareness. Another is where Kevin Schram is talking about Dell’s update on their official webpage where they say “Goodbye, Streak5. It’s been a great ride.”

No need to worry, Dell is definitely continuing with the other devices in the Streak range which couples the Dell hardware with Google Android’s operating systems. Sad news that the device has been discontinued but are you really that surprised? We see other tablets going through the same thing over the next six months or so as there are simply so many of them out there. One of the massive problems that have been faced by a number of manufacturers surrounds pricing; you only have to look at the Motorola Xoom to realize that they have got this side of things wrong. I am personally waiting to see a tablet PC with comparable specifications to the iPad 2 undercut all of the competition, if that happens we could have a new market leader. Either that or wait and see what happens when Kal-el powered devices start showing up…

What do you all think? Are you disappointed to see the Dell Streak 5 discontinued? Did you buy one? Let us know in the comments section below.