Apple iPhone 5, All the Latest News & Rumors in One Roundup

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of speculation and rumors and just in the last couple of days we’ve given a comparison with the HTC Vigor and then detailed a table of the iPhone 5 and some of its rivals. To be frank it seems that hardly a day goes by without new rumors, some of which are more likely than others and today we thought we’d give you a look at some of the iPhone 5 latest news and rumors in a roundup.

In the last week there has been even more of an influx of iPhone 5 claims than usual and Jason Gilbert over on The Huffington Post has provided a useful slide show detailing what’s been said. Although some may be rather tired of so many rumors we know that many of our readers want to keep informed with all iPhone developments. We’ll link to our previous articles on the following details if we’ve covered it on OSM. Most of the current speculation still surrounds the release date for the iPhone 5 and we heard news from a Japanese news site, of a possible September 7 announcement, swiftly followed by reports that this was inaccurate and the release was more likely to be in October.

Following this, another Japanese site told how an economy handset currently dubbed the iPhone 4S or the iCloud iPhone was heading into production in September for an October release and would apparently launch around the same time as an iPad 3. Moving on, another story then told how the next iPhone, unsure whether this is the economy iPhone or the iPhone 5, might be released on October 7. This report countered earlier reports as it said that the iPad 3 would not arrive until spring of 2012.

In the last week there have also been reports of various Apple patent filings, including some different interactions with touchscreens and also an idea for smudge-free touchscreens. Finally there were reports of a new iPhone projector that has been patented, although we reported this was likely for the iPhone 6 rather than the iPhone 5. If you want to know fuller details and sources for each of these iPhone 5 stories then check out the Huffington Post article at the earlier link.

We’d like to add a few more stories into the mix as we also told recently about a new video of iPhone 5 rumors that was available, some rather dubious pics and specs that surfaced, our thoughts that the iPhone 5 is unlikely to have 4G LTE support and also carrier speculation. It’s worth pointing out that various reports over the last few days, including this one from MacRumors, say that some stores are now beginning training in preparation for an iPhone 5 launch, which of course is a good sign that the release may be coming soon. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the iPhone 5 and which rumors you most hope are accurate. Are you waiting for the iPhone 5? Why not send us your comments.