Apple Bolster iPhone 5 Orders: 20 Million For Explosive 4th Quarter

Its time for your daily iPhone 5 news and it seems that Apple are making sure they have enough units to satisfy demand. Steve Jobs has reportedly cranked up his order for the highly anticipated smartphone with an estimated 20 million handsets being readied to ship in the year’s final 3 months. The iPhone 5 is expected to explode Apple’s 4th quarter sales; however they face tough competition from the Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic.

Tech Radar reports that Apple initially ordered between 5.5 and 7 million units for the 3rd quarter, but volumes have increased after it was expected more units would be needed. The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in September with a possible release date being tipped for the 7th or 8th which is normally the date when a new iPod is launched. We could see both gadgets launched together with iOS 5, Apple may want an all in one release.

Currently the iPhone 5 launch date is still a mystery and we are not sure if even Apple themselves know exactly when they will launch the handset. When it does eventually appear, Apple’s sales records are expected to go off the charts. The Cupertino based outfit has already made record profits from the last quarter and been confirmed as richer than the US government. Last we heard the 5th generation iPhone prototypes were with operators being tested. We have even seen how the iPhone 6 could come integrated with a projector.

The image above is suspected to be a fake after being spotted on Apple’s German website
, however we suspect they would well have gone with this concept. So much is known about the iPhone 5 but so little has been confirmed as accurate which makes things both exciting and frustrating. The fabled 5 is expected to be the best selling iPhone ever, with Steve Jobs always saying the run up to holiday events like Christmas are very important.

According to The Gadgets, Apple are expected to ship a monstrous 95 million iPhones in the final 2 quarters of 2011. Now 56 million of these are expected to be prior models like the iPhone 3GS and 4, meaning Apple estimate their iPhone 5 sales at some 39 million units between launch and the end of the end of the 4th quarter. This figure is very ambitious given the amount of competition but I would never bet against Apple to achieve it. Prices of prior iPhone’s have been slashed significantly by retailers like Target and Radio Shack to make room for the new models.

Surely one month from now many of us will have a sparkling new iPhone 5 in our pockets, will you be one of them? Let us know your thoughts on the build up to the iPhone 5, such as rumors fakes and delays. Tell us in the comments if the iPhone 5 will be worth the wait.

  • Jared Fucci

    No 4G + No flash(CONSTANT frustration on my iPad) = I’m getting a Bionic.