Google+ Games: Love ’em or Hate ’em

We have had a few days to deliberate and think about the latest update to the newest social network on the block, Google+. Now we want to know what you guys and girls out there are all thinking, Google+ games, do you love ‘em or hate ‘em?

Although Google+ has only been live for a matter of weeks it has managed to attract some really big attention. So far we know that the new site rocketed to 10 million users and continued until it was soaring over the 25 million marker. For a site so new to be doing so well is very impressive, but to be honest, did you think anything less of Google?

Google now control so many things that a social network seemed like the next and obvious conquest to be next. They have gained quite a lot of control in the smartphone and tablet markets with the Google Android and of course there’s the seamless search engine that made them so famous. The fact that they control the searches on the Internet means they can pretty much direct traffic where ever they like and they continue to make changes here and there to make it better.

Getting back to Google+, we previously reported that the games section had gone live and that there were 16 games that you could play including Angry Birds. Before it was launched we wondered just how it would be received as there had been a number of petitions circulating to try and stop the games hitting the site but it was inevitable really.

The fact that Google wants its social network to appeal to the mass market rather than targeted such as LinkedIn for professionals means that they needed games to appear. They will also undoubtedly receive quite a lot of cash from the developers that want the games on Google+ and they will attract that all important audience.

I know as soon as I heard that Angry Birds would be hitting the network I instantly wanted to get on there and check if I could play as did a number of friends. The fact that Facebook games are played by millions daily and they are Google’s competition, they know that if you have an opportunity to do something that a competitor does and make it better, then you can take the audience that they have as your own.

If you still aren’t on Google+ and need an invitation then click here to get one.

So, come on people, Google+ games, what do you think about them? Tell us in the comments section below.