AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G: Gingerbread Update Imminent

Samsung has been making some really good progress in the smartphone market, when you think about the success they have had so far from the sales of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S II, you start to realize the new caliber of smartphones they are producing. Now we have heard that another successful device, the Samsung Infuse 4G has a Gingerbread update imminent.

Android has truly revolutionized the market much like Apple did when they first released the iPhone and then again with the iPad. Google cottoned onto the success and produced the one thing that we didn’t have… A realistic competitor for the force of Apple. Google’s OS has done so well and it’s down to different manufacturers allowing the OS on their smartphones that has made it so successful.

Going back a few months we added a report on the UK sales chart for mobile phones because Samsung and the Galaxy S II had managed to throw the Apple iPhone 4 off the top spot. This was no easy task but when you looked at the rest of the devices in the chart, they were all Android run devices, five of which were on HTC hardware!

Thinking about the Infuse 4G, it’s a device that may have made people in the states slightly annoyed as the Rogers Canada version would be released with Gingerbread already and yet we are still waiting for it on the AT&T US version. It would seem that wait is almost over as on Twitter, someone by the name of Drake_Heth asked AT&T if they could give him a good representation of when the infuse would be getting Gingerbread, AT&T replied with “Hi Drake – The Gingerbread update will be delivered to the Infuse this month!” You can read the tweet by clicking here.

We realized that it was coming after reading an article over on Phandroid by Chris Chavez who reminds us that AT&T said that every Android device released this year would be updated to Gingerbread, although there wasn’t a specific timeframe provided. Although the AT&T person behind the Twitter account has narrowed it down to this month, we are still wondering exactly when it will happen and what new features it will bring to the device.

Over on their author has mentioned that the new OS should bring a few nice new touches such as an improved interface, a copy-and-paste text system, power management and a multi-touch keyboard. Keep an eye out for a report later this month to confirm that it’s here.

What do you want to see from the new OS on the Samsung Infuse 4G? Are you excited about the update or is it a case of “about time?” Let us know in the comments section below.