Amazing YouTube Clip: Useful Dog Tricks 2 by Jesse

YouTube is a great place where people can express themselves and when a clip starts being seen by more and more different people it’s truly a wonderful thing. We have reported on many different videos that have gone viral and now there’s another one that left our jaws on the floor, it’s an amazing YouTube clip where we see “Useful Dog Tricks 2 by Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier.”

We have seen plenty of animal videos in the past like the dancing chimp and the “Ultimate Dog Tease” as well as a number of trick ones too… It seems logical to combine the two and make a video and it would have a great chance of going viral. These days just about anything can go viral, you only have to look at the Epic Meal Time videos that we have reported on, they aren’t necessarily doing anything amazing or that requires some kind of talent but they are entertaining which is the key.

Onto today’s clip and as someone who has grown up with what I would call obedient Alsatians, I was personally stunned. I’ve seen dogs doing all sorts of tricks, snarling and barking on command, running around you and sitting by your side but what this little dog does is astounding. The video is a full 4 minutes long and Jesse (the Jack Russell) does things like fetching his own bowl for the owner to put food in, taking a sheet off a bed, turning a tap on and off again and even putting tea bags in a cup!

Jesse and the owner’s shopping trip is also pretty entertaining, the dog pushes its own trolley and fills it with various items off the shelf. The dog even folds a towel! Pretty much the only thing it didn’t do was take itself for a walk, do its business, wipe itself pick it up and put it in a bag before dropping the bag in the bin!

So far the video has managed to pick up more than 514,000 views since it was uploaded on August 8th and its continuing to grow in numbers. Can you imagine if you every dog in the world could do things like Jesse, it would certainly make everyone’s lives easier! The clever little dog has its own YouTube channel with lots of subscribers that have obviously noticed Jesse’s talents, take a peek at it by clicking here. As always, you can watch it at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the video? Do you wish you had a dog that could do all that? Let us know in the comments section below.