Social Media Fitting Into America’s Daily Way Of Life

To many, the words “Social Media” may still sound almost alien, but then if we mentioned how the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, professional site LinkedIn and so on are now being used, you may start to prick your ears up! Over the last few years, sites such as the ones mentioned above plus more, have now become part of our everyday lives, with some individuals not being able to live without them. Just recently a new addition has come forward, that of Google+ which could in time take over from the existing sites.

The use of social media can be used for a number of reasons, be it just getting in touch with friends and loved ones, joining an event or group that share the same interests as you, uploading and sharing photos amongst your contacts list, forwarding your details on in order to get that all important job vacancy, businesses marketing their product(s) and so on.

But recent research from a firm called “Hasai” looked into how social media has been taken on by the Americans and what if anything can be learnt about the US society?

Mashable pointed out that results were concluded and put into an interesting infographic which can be seen below, a variation of topics were looked into which we will briefly run over with details such as states New Jersey and North Dakota being the two most social states.

Mark Zuckerberg‘s big blue Facebook is still deemed the most popular in the world, although just today news came through that users in the UK have dropped. Results concluded that at least half of all Americans belong to at least one social network, this has risen dramatically in the last two years.

From the small pie chart, 79% use the internet with a smaller 47% using at least one social media site. When looking at how much television was viewed, a staggering 77% of people reported that they use social media to let everyone know their love for a particular show, with 65% using it as a platform to help save their shows and 35% using social media to introduce new shows to friends.

An average 48% of Americans are bloggers with nearly half of LinkedIn’s 120 million users from the States. As we mentioned before, social media can be used as a way to advertise and market a particular brand, this can be seen with 4 out of 10 Americans following their favorite products, brands and services across social media sites. Varying topics such as Americans loving video games, if people are hyper-social and those that are following celebrities, Americans love routine and so on were all studied.

Tell us if you believe in the power of social media? Are you a US citizen using one of the above sites? For the good that social media brings, comes the bad. In the last few days, the riots in London and the spread of violence has been blamed on social networking sites, with the UK government looking at possibly banning sites in times of trouble.