GeoHot Vs Anonymous: November 5th, clash of the hackers?

Over the last few months there has certainly been some activity that will interest most, we have had LulzSec causing havoc around the web, Anonymous doing pretty much the same and ironically now ANON look like they are about to attack Facebook. Could we really have GeoHot Vs Anonymous on November 5th, the clash of the hackers?

Firstly, if you are unaware as to who GeoHot (George Hotz) is, he was one of the first people to jailbreak the iPhone and then he managed to pull out the Sony PS3 unlock code so that it could also be jailbroken. He is an undoubtedly talented guy and with that being the case, Facebook has taken him on. Whilst it’s not exactly clear as to what his full role entails, he will undoubtedly be called upon since ANON’s recent bombshell.

Anonymous has set the scene for an attack on Facebook and were kind enough to even let them know when. Maddy Rowe of OSM compiled an article with quite a lot of the juicy details as well as a video from the group themselves explaining their reasoning. Some people will agree with them providing the information they are acting on is true.

The irony in all of this is many hacker groups started launching attacks on different sites and also on Sony’s PSN in an act to demonstrate the power of the hacker community, this happened after Sony dragged GeoHot through the courts for hacking his own PS3 and exposing the holy grail of the machine on his website. Now they will be launching an attack on the company that he works for following his recent hiring! Funny how the world twists and turns only to come to this…

This is all Facebook needs, a countdown until an attack from Anonymous… They have only just managed to get an update out to the Facebook users so that their chat functionality can work properly and because of that they have undoubtedly lost users to the new kid on the block, Google+. If ANON were to go ahead and attack Facebook, we are wondering what exactly will they do? One of the things they are condemning Facebook for is exposing user data so we are guessing they may not steal the data and share samples of it. Perhaps they are going for all out war and taking the site down completely?

What do you think is going to happen on November 5th (other than fireworks and bonfires!)? Will Anonymous take the site down and do you think Facebook might call upon GeoHot to help combat their threats? Let us know your thoughts on this potentially interesting scenario in the comments section below.