First Images Of Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Exposed

For all you Android fans out there we have a sweet treat for you, quite literally. First images of Google’s latest mobile OS, “Ice Cream Sandwich” have been leaked all over the internet. It seems that the pictures are genuine and were obtained by Android Police and Roots Wiki, who we thank for providing the images for you. It looks like Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich carries a host of new features since its last mobile outing with Gingerbread.

The most noticeable new feature of Ice Cream Sandwich is a new look user interface. The UI sports a blue look throughout and changes the notification bar for the first time since Eclair 2.1. We are assuming that the latest Android OS will be version 4.0, however Google has cleverly left the version number out when you look for it in the about menu. It seems they are still undecided on the version number but it seems natural to make it 4.0.

Other new features include built in panorama mode with the camera and a fresh new app drawer and launcher. Android Police also confirms that ICS will come with a new Gmail theme to match with the UI. The brand new OS is being run on a Google Nexus, so we know that model with be one of the first compatible smartphones to get the software update, although it has been claimed the Nexus Prime will be first in line. Ice Cream Sandwich is expected to be live in around October time, replacing Gingerbread 2.3 and prior versions.

Rootz Wiki points out that the Apps/Widgets launcher has similarities to tablet optimized OS, Honeycomb. The OS will also reportedly come packed with Google Shopper and NFC support, turning your smartphone into a means of payment. It also looks like the Google search bar will remain embedded at the top of the home page. According to Mashable, the app launcher resembles the start ball on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS, whether they will run in the same way is to be discovered.

Tech Radar believes this software will finally be the one that bridges the gap between smartphones and tablets. Could it be that the OS will be some form of Gingerbread and Honeycomb hybrid? Does Ice Cream Sandwich look to have many of the features you expected? We are interested to hear what you think about the leaked images of Google’s upcoming OS, so share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.