Could The iPhone 6 Have Projector Integration? Apple Patent Clue

We know how much some of you love the Apple news and rumors and we have something very interesting to share with you now. We normally keep you informed with all the latest iPhone 5 news, but we thought we would skip ahead a bit and mention the futuristic iPhone 6. We have seen some patents that Apple recently filed and they suggest that projectors on the iPhone, iPad and iMac may be a possibility.

It appears that Apple wants to integrate shared projectors into its iOS platform, Geeky Gadgets reports. Looking at the patents it appears that the tech company wants your on the go devices to act as a tool of presentation. For example your iPhone could be placed on a table and then used to project all kinds of things like data onto a larger screen. Apple could take this idea one step further in the future and attempt to create holograms.

The idea is based on the theory that sometimes even an iPad or similar device is not big enough to single handedly run a presentation, despite it being advertised in that way. If you look at the patent images below, the iPhone and iPad both have their projectors built in on the side of the devices, but things are different with the Mac. It appears that some sort of projector cable must be attached to the laptop, likely via a USB port.

As you can see, these very interesting designs have been uncovered by Patently Apple and are reportedly already in development. According to PC Mag, iOS users may be able to connect their devices. A report read: “Two or more projected displays, each from a separate electronic device, may be displayed proximate or adjacent to one another to produce the shared projected workspace”.

We saw another very interesting Apple patent not too far back and it involved file sharing. This would be done via a physical motion such as pouring or flicking, at a high speed transfer. So if you wanted to drop a file on your iPhone to your iPad you would make a pouring motion and the data would be quickly sent wireless, the sound effect of pouring water will even play out when the transfer occurs. The other idea was based on flicking a quick note around devices, as you would in a classroom.

The thought of having a projector integrated into your future iPhone may get a split reaction from fans, is it a practical tool that everyone would use? Maybe you have another idea you would like to see added into the iPhone 6 or future models? Personally I would love to see hologram calling in my lifetime, the idea behind most of this technology originates from the world of Sci-Fi, so they may as well go the whole way. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.