Apple iPod Revealed: Event Sept 7 US? iPhone 5 Unlikely

Rumors have been spiralling for some time now in relation to new Apple products, the iPhone 5 and the iPod. Up until now, the iPhone 5, predecessor to the iPhone 4 has been rumored to release next month. Specs, name and price have of course been batted about and at times its been a job to know what’s truth and what has got no hope of being included on the new phone.

But its an updated iPod and news of a media event from Apple that’s intrigued us today. According to Phones Review, although not officially announced, Steve Jobs company are rumored to be holding their yearly iPod event on September 7 in the US of which will be the 8th Japanese time.

If there is any truth in this, the date will be somewhat different to previous years. Last year’s event fell on September 1st with dates prior to that being around the 9th.

The date of September 7th is a suggestion made by Japanese site Kodawarisan (may need to be translated for some) who before now, correctly predicted the release of the Mac Mini just two years ago. We know that Apple have a knack of keeping products close to their chest but there’s no harm in the rest of us trying to pinpoint a date.

As to what will be announced at the event is anybody’s guess but it could be a whole host of new iPod devices. In relation to the 7th generation iPod Nano, speculation has pointed to the new addition coming with a camera that of 1.3 megapixels. Others have said that the iPod Touch may include new specs but this has been played down, with suggestion that the Touch may be bought out in a white colour.

If we revert back to the iPhone 5, with a delayed release back in June/July time and no indication of when it was going to arrive at the recent WWDC event, many have questioned whether it will touch our shores early part of September. According to the same Japanese site above, the next gen handset will now be announced towards the end of the month possibly moving into October.

Tell us what you are hoping to hear from the iPod media event if it takes place on September 7th? Are you patiently waiting for the iPhone 5?