Anonymous Bonfire Facebook Hack Called Off

The last few days have been dominated by the news that hacking group Anonymous are planning to destroy Facebook on Bonfire Night. The world famous group uploaded a video saying that they would bring an end to the popular social networking site. It now seems that this high profile attack has been aborted after Anonymous posted a message to their Twitter account yesterday.

The hacktivist group regularly infiltrate and down the networks of people they oppose, with Facebook reportedly being their next target. According to the Telegraph, ANON had planned to attack Facebook for abusing users privacy. The video claimed that Facebook knew more information about you than your friends and family and they would keep this even if you deactivated your account. The operation to kill the social networking site was codenamed “OpFacebook”.

OSM’s Tim Ollason brought you an article yesterday explaining that Facebook has a secret weapon of their own. Another famous hacker, George Hotz who is commonly known as GeoHot, was employed by Facebook in an unknown role that we expect is to do with his specialty of hacking. We were expecting to see a real clash, with Anonymous attacking and a huge number of Facebook employees led by GeoHot defending the site. It seems now that this epic encounter will not take place.

Anonymous said in their tweet: “#OpFacebook is being organised by some Anons. This does not necessarily mean that all of #Anonymous agrees with it”. It seems then that the group itself will not be launching an assault on Facebook, however individuals who happen to be members of ANON may still. An official Anonymous spokesman has even admitted that he is not sure whether the threat to kill Facebook is legit.

It does seem quite strange that Anonymous would pre-warn Facebook so far in advanced about the attack. The social networking site will raise their security to maximum level on the night of the attack so the hackers have already lost their element of surprise if their word is to be believed. They are very skilled and dangerous however, so they may want to impress even more by succeeding in the attack despite already tipping off their victim.

Do you think Anonymous were never planning to attack or have they used this as an excuse to shy away from the challenge? Destroying Facebook will take some doing and it is possible that in the knowledge that GeoHot is helping defend the site they have abandoned their plan. Or it could just be a few Anonymous individuals who want to raise hell alone, who knows? Leave us your thoughts on this in the comments and if you think we will see an attack from Anonymous.

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    There is no such thing as an official Anonymous spokesperson