Angry Birds & Other Games Coming To Google+ Today

There are all sorts of petitions and things on Google+ to try and keep it from being pumped full of games, many of them are hoping to keep it as a more kind of professional network. However, today we have heard that Angry Birds and other games are coming to Google+ today!

It seems pretty logical to me as this is one of the ways that Google can continue to attract users to their new, growing social network and we are guessing there may be some kind of financial benefit to it as well. We were wondering if these games would clutter up people’s streams where they have just got their highest score yet and also saying whatever level they have achieved like they do on Facebook.

Then we found an article over on RedmondPie by Goncalo Ribeiro who tells us that Google has pretty much catered for everyone. Part of the protest in allowing games onto Google+ was the fact that people didn’t want to see others playing them and their activity as it can become obtrusive. Well it would seem that on Google+ they have created a whole separate section for the games and also that this could be phase one of making a social entertainment hub, something Facebook wishes it was!

Of course, the fact that games will be present from today is going to rub some people up the wrong way but if it’s unobtrusive then it means that you can use the social network as you have been since you joined without even knowing the games were there! This should sit pretty well with everyone eventually when they get used to it.

The news broke through the official Google Blog where Vic Gundotra posted a brief article about it. The main points highlighted from the blog post are that it’s pretty much on your terms if you want to see others gaming activity, there’s one particular quote that we liked and it said “Games in Google+ are there when you want them and gone when you don’t.”

To kick things off for Google+ they have the following games available, Sudoki, Wild Ones, Zombie Lane, Zynga Poker, Flood-it!, Monster World, Edge World, Dragons of Atlantis, Diamond Dash, Collapse! Blast, Dragon Age Legends. Bubble Island, City of Wonder, Bejeweled Blitz and the biggest of the lot, Angry Birds!

What do you think of the addition of games to Google+? Did you want them on the site or not? Let us know in the comments section below.