USB 3.0 Specs Outclass Thunderbolt, 10 times more powerful

When Apple rolled out their new Thunderbolt peripheral, people around the world were stunned by the fact that they hadn’t heard about it and also by its capabilities, now unfortunately it has been outclassed by the new USB 3.0 specifications that reveal it being up to 10 times more powerful than Apple’s latest peripheral.

Before the update, USB 3.5 would be at 4.5 watts and Apple’s Thunderbolt connection at 10 watts, now following the specification update, USB 3.0 will go from 4.5 watts all the way up to 100! That’s quite a jump wouldn’t you say? We learned of this through an amusing article over on Engadget by Daniel Cooper where he has set the scene as some kind of Frankenstein movie saying “More Power!” and “Live!!!”

Another location reporting the specification upgrade is iClarified where they have listed the key characteristics and the things you need to know. They have included details such as how the new USB power delivery solution has pushed been allowed to push the voltage and current up in order to deliver up to 100 watts and also how it enables voltage and current values to be negotiated over the USB power pins. For the full details click here to be directed to the press release that gives an in depth technical analysis of all the changes.

Since it was announced there’s been a mixed reaction of just why they went ahead with the changes, who were they really competing with or did they just crank up the specs so much because they can? The thing is, Thunderbolt was only ever really designed for Apple based products and only features on their latest and greatest machines so far, and so were they really a competitor?

After reading through the comments on various articles on the web, it seems pretty clear that USB and Thunderbolt aren’t exactly in direct competition with one another but it does seem like they are trying to get one up in their field. Can you imagine the possibilities of having USB 3.0 at that power, it basically means that at some point in the future you may be able to power your laptop using a USB port, heck… you might even be able to jump start your car!

What do you think of the increase in specifications? Do you think USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are in competition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • alf

    one issue with 100W, battery life.
    actually 2, it has the potential to fry smaller devices that are powered by it. my iphone 3g is very old and has a very weak heart, I would feel seriously cruel putting 100w into it.