Facebook Chat Update: Outage Forces Change… At Last

You may already be aware of the really poor functionality that we have seen from Facebook over the last little while; Facebook changed a few bits here and there and managed to completely mess up the chat functionality sending people into outrage, now Facebook chat has had a further update… At last!

When Facebook originally rolled out the last update, it was without warning and they made it so you couldn’t actually see who was online if you had many friends. For example if you had 50 friends online, you would only be able to see a few of them as well as some offline contacts that Facebook had deemed to be the people you interact with most. Unfortunately, there must have been a few errors in the code as the people on my list personally were ones that I hadn’t communicated with since I joined!

For days after the first update, people were fuming and commenting on one of our previous articles venting their anger at Facebook, and saying things like “Change It Back!” To be quite honest, we can’t see why they changed it in the first place, it’s not as if it has been enhanced in anyway what so ever. We would like to draw the Facebook design team to an old quote used quite a lot in the UK… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

So what is it that Facebook has done to rectify their previous stupidity? Well, for those of you who haven’t been on the massive social network today, functionality hasn’t been the best. They have gone and updated the chat and added a section at the bottom of it that says “MORE ONLINE FRIENDS (N#)” with of course the N# being a count of how many more of your social networking pals are online. Facebook has really outdone itself here though, as I said in a previous article, all they have to do is leave all online contacts as available and add a scroll bar! Guess what they have done, they’ve only gone and added a scroll bar; maybe they read my article that many of you agreed with and thought… “Now there’s an idea.”

Still, the fact that Facebook rolled out their chat update prematurely meant that people were angered and left the site for the new up and coming Google+. This has aided the growth of the site which is currently soaring over 25 million within its first 5 weeks!

This leaves us wanting to ask you all one question, what do you think of the new Facebook chat functionality? Let us know your response in the comments section below.