Sony PS3 System Update 3.70 Live: Brings Extra 3D Functionality & More

Many of you turning on your PS3s today may have noticed that a new system update is ready for download. Version 3.70 is now live for many regions and brings extra 3D functionality and also an improvement to the streaming video section on the XrossMediaBar. There are other features that the 190MB update brings and we will be sharing them all with you.

So firstly the main addition the update gives you is more 3D content. Tech Radar reports that this comes in the form of support for MPO (Multi-Picture format) files, with 3D images being available for viewing photo gallery app. Another welcomed addition is the 3D playback of Blu-ray Java content. We asked you the question a few days back if you would like to see 3D gaming included in the PS4 and also implemented into other games consoles when they launch in the future.

The update also brings a makeover to the TV section where all of the video streaming services can be found. This has now been renamed “TV/Video Services” and is where you will find on demand apps like the BBC iPlayer and 4OD catch up services. The PS3 is also one of the first devices to get the new and upgraded version of the BBC iPlayer, with the broadcasting also expressing their interest in expanding to Xbox.

Sony announced many of the features the update would bring yesterday, however some are only available to those who pay for the PlayStation Plus subscription. One of these features includes the option to make 2 functions on the PS3 automatic. This includes automatic syncing of trophies and automatically saving games to online storage, features which Sony say their users have been crying out for. As a result of this the “automatic download” feature will be renamed “automatic update”.

Another feature that Sony has thrown in, is a recommend feature which enables you to tip off your friends about things they may find of interest. The idea is to recommend things from the PlayStation Store like map packs so that Sony make more money. Zo Knows Gaming has reported that there will also be a PSP software update coming soon, version 6.60 albeit a minor one.

So what are your initial thoughts about the additions that have been brought with the 3.70 software update? Was you expecting better or have all of your needs been satisfied by the new features? Also let us know if the update is live for you and if you have been successfully able to download it. We are interested to hear your thoughts as always so feel free to leave us a comment below.