Old Twitter Now Defunct: Grieving its Loss?

Some of you switching your Twitter on yesterday will have noticed that Old Twitter is now defunct, long live New Twitter. When the new interface was launched last fall it provoked mixed response from many regular users, as do most changes on social networking sites. However, people could still choose to use the old format. Now that option no longer exists and we’re wondering if any of you are grieving the loss of the old Twitter.

The popular microblogging site announced in a tweet, “New Twitter rollout: complete! All users now have the same Twitter.com experience & can access our latest features,” according to Sharon Gaudin over on Computerworld. Until now the revamped version of Twitter has been referred to as New Twitter but of course that tag will now slowly disappear. Those of you who wanted to cling on to the old Twitter should not have been totally shocked by it’s disappearance as users were cautioned last week that from this week it would be no more. The company tweeted, “If you’re currently using Old Twitter, we want to let you know that you’ll be upgraded to New Twitter this week.”

Many people may miss the Twitter that they have become accustomed to but from personal experience I’d say it won’t be long before those users will have totally got used to the new Twitter and maybe even forgotten what the old format looked like. For those who haven’t tried it yet, New Twitter has an expanded sidebar with enhanced features such as embedded videos and pictures and also geo-location tagged tweets maps. Also users can click on tweets to delve for more.

Over on Mashable, Jennifer Van Grove has looked into the loss of Old Twitter and is conducting a poll asking if it will be missed. The poll is still ongoing and to date 23.24% say they will miss it as they were still using it while 12.5% say they weren’t using it but would still miss it being there. However 43.32% say that they won’t miss it and were already using New Twitter while another 20.58% have answered, “There was an Old Twitter?”

We’d be interested to hear from our readers about this. Are you sad about the demise of Old Twitter? Maybe you originally thought you would be but have now got used to New Twitter? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.